Good evening all,

So I was able to meet this afternoon with the other Youth Tackle coordinators and discussed the most recent guidance from the MHSAA (July 29th) and some of the logistics for a 2020 season to occur. Some of the considerations we took into account were as follows:

  1. MHSAA has delayed fall programs a week to start (August 17th) with another date scheduled for further guidance on August 20th. This date is designated to determine a start date or another potential delay. This could affect our seasons in multiple ways by shortening it, pushing us into inclement weather, and possibly overlapping with other athletics if they occur.
  2. Also, the MHSAA’s plan for fall athletics would require our region of the state to move to Phase 5, which considering the Governor is moving areas of the UP back to more restrictions it doesn’t look promising and leaves quite a bit of uncertainty. 
  3. We also discussed the logistics of having a season and our ability to ensure player safety. We discussed what potential requirements for practices and games to occur, not only for players but also for fans and officials.
  4. We also discussed that one of the School Districts in our youth conference had an athlete test positive for COVID 19 and the district has currently suspended athletics for the next several weeks pending MHSAA guidance.

We did not come to this decision lightly and considering all of these factors and how they will affect our programs, players, and families in regard to safety, liability, and logistics the Quarterback Club board has agreed and we have decided to cancel the 2020 Youth Tackle and Flag season. 

Please note that everyone that has registered for the 2020 Season (Tackle and Flag) will receive a full refund. Please look for further communication on when and how this will occur. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about his season and as we start planning for the 2021 season. 

Jeremy Parker

WYTFL Coordinator